Windows Server 2016 Driver update Guide-Ethernet Controller

This guide apply for P12-i7-4500U fanless industrial PC.

First, download the network driver file PROWinx64 and unzip to desk(you can keep it to anywhere, make sure find it will be ok, here we put to desk to make it simple).

Step2. Right click Windows button, choose “Device Manager” and enter Device Manager.

Step 3. Right click “Ethernet Controller” and choose “Update Driver Software ”, and then just follow the pictures below one by one.

Step 4. Click  and select PROWinx64.exe, and open file route PRO1000—Winx64—NDIS64—e1r64x64 as shown below pictures.

Step 5. Now system will auto detect compatible network card driver list, here we select  intel L210 –T1.

When message shows in above screen, the network driver update succesfully, if the pc has dual lan port, repeat above steps again will be ok.

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