Wide Voltage Range Power Input Solution

What is this technology Wide Voltage Range Power Input?

The supply of voltage in different application scenes varies or appears instable as a result of a headache of no suitable power to fit the appliances sometimes. Incorrect voltage and current may also damage the electric components.

Most mini pc power supply is just 12V, or 24V or 36v. If your pc is 12V power input, then using 24V power adapter may make the pc burned down; if your mini pc is 36V, then in some application which only requie 12V will bring some waste of energy. It would be perfect if the pc supply both 12V 24V and 36V, we can use it anywhere for any computing application.

This fanless mini industrial pc P12-i5-8250U comes as you want:

With this small board added, you you use this itx pc under any pc requriement for power supply within 9V to 36G,  but of cause it is not free function, you need to pay US$ 18 for this function, if you don’t need it you will get this pc with no wide valtage board like below:

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