What is the difference between DP interface and HDMI interface?

1. The difference in technical support:
AMD multi-screen splicing technology must require DisplayPort interface. The user needs to connect to the display device that supports this interface through the DisplayPort data cable to become the main display of the three-screen splicing display, and it must be directly connected to the DisplayPort interface without any form of conversion.

2. The difference in bandwidth support:
In terms of performance, the performance of HDMI 2.1 is very close to that of DP1.4, but HDMI 2.1 surpasses DP 1.4 in terms of bandwidth, data rate, resolution, and refresh rate. It also supports more video specifications than DP, but in HDMI 2.1 If it is not fully popularized, you can use the DP interface.

3. The difference in production costs of manufacturers:
DP interface technology is free. Unlike the HDMI interface, the DisplayPort interface needs to pay a certain amount of membership fee every year, and there is no need to pay for each product containing the HDMI interface like the HDMI interface. It is completely royalty-free in the true sense. . Therefore, the DisplayPort interface has received strong support from many well-known international manufacturers.

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