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Resolve MAC conflicts for H2-7th CPU Mini PC

Apr 7, 2023

(Only applicable to Intel i219 network card)

Preparatory work:

1.USB flash disk.

2.Rufus.exe.(DOS making tool) Download address:Rufus - Download (softonic.com)

3.MAC update tool.(Please contact us for tools)

  • DOS System Production
  • 1.After the preparation work is completed,insert the USB flash disk into the USB port of your PC and run Rufus to write the DOS system to the USB flash disk.
  • 2.Select the USB flash disk that has been inserted from the Device option of the software, select FreeDOS from the Boot selection option, click START after selecting. Note: This operation will delete the data in the USB flash disk. Press OK to confirm, and wait for the creation to succeed before exiting.

3.After creating the DOS disk, extract the MAC update tool and copy it to the root directory of the USB flash disk, as the figure shows below.

  • Enter the DOS system to update the MAC address
  • Insert the USB flash disk into the USB port of the pc that needs to be updated

After pressing the SW button, quickly press the F11 key on the keyboard, select the USB flash disk, and press Enter to confirm entering the DOS system.

After entering DOS, enter i219 and press enter to confirm. When C:\> (as shown in the figure below) appears, it means that the MAC has been updated successfully. Press the power button to shut down.

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