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How to: Solve ‘can’t connect to this network’ Wi-Fi error in Windows 8.1 easily

May 19, 2017
Windows 8.1 has got many bug fixes and improvements as compared to Windows 8 but, the latest version of Windows by Microsoft still has some bugs. Among others, the error in connecting to Wi-Fi networks in Windows 8.1 may get very annoying, sometimes, and hundreds or maybe thousands of people may be facing this issue.

Windows 8.1 seems to have a bug which while connecting to a Wi-Fi network shows ‘Can’t connect to this network’ error and then, goes to limited connectivity mode where internet can’t be accessed.

When these errors started to occur for me?

I have been getting this error in Windows 8 since the very first day of its launch and now, it seems that this error hasn’t been removed from Windows 8.1. I started getting this error on my PC while on the Windows 8.1 Preview but, two of my PC’s running Windows 8.1 Pro RTM started to show this error. Both the PC’s can’t connect to my Wi-Fi network on random occasions. The connection takes a very long time to connect and then, I get ‘Can’t connect to this network’ error which then switches to this network but, internet connectivity is limited.

What’s causing this error?

As far as I have been able to diagnose, this error occur due to two reasons; either by your Wi-Fi security type or incorrect IP configuration on your PC.

If you use WEP security type for Wi-Fi networks then, it’s possible that you will get this ‘Can’t connect to this network’ error while connecting.

How to solve this error?

There are multiple ways which can be used to fix this issue like resetting the Wi-Fi connection, restarting your PC and/or by using Windows diagnostics.

– Method 1:

If you get the ‘Can’t connect to this network’ error after pressing the ‘Connect’ button then, press the ‘Forget Network’ button which will remove the network history from your PC and Microsoft account.

Once you have pressed the ‘Forget Network’ button, you will have to re-enter your Wi-Fi network details. But, this time you will be able connect to this network without any error.

– Method 2:

The second method to solve this error is by restarting your PC which will solve this error. If you are having the ‘Can’t connect to this network’ error then, it may have been caused by a misconfiguration of your IP settings.

Simply restarting your PC will reset your IP Settings and hopefully it will also solve the issue.

– Method 3:

The third and probably the most effective method to solve the connectivity issue is by using the Windows network diagnostic tool which comes pre-installed in Windows 8.1

Go to Start Screen by pressing the windows key on your tablet or keyboard.
Once on Start Screen, type ‘identify and repair network problems’ while on Start Screen.  ‘Identify and repair network problems’ would be showed in results. Press it.
‘Windows Network Diagnostics’ tool window will open on desktop.
The tool will scan your network connection and PC for error and if some errors are found then, the tool will try to fix the issue(s).
This tool detects almost all the error found in your Windows 8.1 PC which may cause an error. I was able to fix my issue, few times, after using this method when the above methods didn’t work.

– Method 4:

If the above ‘Windows Network Diagnostics‘ tool can’t fix your network error then, it may be possible that your Wi-Fi router have some problems. Resetting your Wi-FI router or restarting it may solve the issue.

So, were you able to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity error?

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