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HYSTOU Mini Gaming PC GT-11 th Update BIOS

May 7, 2023

Preparatory work

  • 1.BIOS files(H510IG), Suitable for upgrading from 1AWUT 0.06 X64 to 1AWUT 0.08 X64.
  • 2.Byonekey.exe(Making EFI Shell)
  • 3.A USB flash drive with more than 4G capacity.
  • 4.A PC

How to make EFI Shell Tool

  • You can plug the USB flash drive into the PC USB port and run byonkey.exe software, select [U盘启动(U)]>[更多设置]>[制作BIOS功能盘]>[确定]>[确定](It takes about 10 seconds)


①Please don't insert extra USB flash drive or mobile hard disk into the USB port of PC.

②This operation will delete all data on the USB flash drive. If there is any important data, please back it up in advance.  


  • After decompressing H510IG.rar, copy all files in the file to the root directory of the USB flash drive.

  • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the GT-11 th PC, press the on button and quickly hit the F11 key on the keyboard, Choose UEFI, then press down [Enter]

  • Find the Removable HardDisk in the pop-up window and remember the USB flash drive letter. As shown in the following figure, the USB flash drive letter is fs1. In shell>, enter fs1: and confirm with Enter. In fs1:\>, enter f and confirm with Enter. Wait for the update to complete. When FPT Operation Successful appears, it indicates that the update was successful. Press the power button to shut down.
  • (Note: Please don't interrupt the operation or power off during the updating process, otherwise the motherboard will be damaged!)

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