Guide: Bios Setting for H2-i3-7100U Mini PC Autostart after a Power Loss

H2-i3-7100U Mini PC details:

Here is guide, no worry your pc support auto on after a power loss.

Setp 1: Press On/Off Switch on the pc and then keep press “Delete”until goes into bios, and then using directiion key to go to “Chipset”, and then select “PCH_IO configuration”, press “Enter” Key and go to setp 2.

Step 2: Find “State After G3” under “PCH_IO configuration” page, change “s5 state” to “s0 state”, press “Enter” key.

Step3: Press “F10” key to save the setting and finish the setting. From now on any illegal shutdown will bring auto power on after the pc connect to main supply.

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