Guide: Adding memory and storages to Mini PC P05B-i7-8550U

In this guide we will show how to add memory and storages to fanless mini pc model P05B-i7-8550U.

Step 1: Remove screws(if there are) of the case and remove the battom case, the 4 holes marked out in above picture is for HDD.

Step 2: Plug in memory.

Step 3:plug in wifi module and mSATA SSD, using screw to fix them.

Step 4: Push and fix the inner antennas to the wifi module.

Step 5: Take out the SATA cable from the mini pc package, and get your 2.5 inch HDD ready, then connect the SATA data cable and power cable to the 2.5 inch HDD.

Step 6: Plug the SATA power cable to the white power pin place on motherboard.

Step 7: Plug the SATA Data cable to the SATA data socket on motherboard.

Step 8: using screws in the mini pc package to fix the HDD to back case (screw holes shows in the first picture).

Step 9: Cover the case back and using screws within the mini pc package to fix the case, and now the pc is ready to load OS.

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