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Barebone Computer System

Jun 27, 2017

A barebones PC is a computer that has minimal components. HYSTOU barebones system includes a case, motherboard, CPU,  power supply and other package  content except memory and storage. Users buy barebone pc must to use its own memory and storage to diy the computer, and install operation system to make it a full ready to go computer. Here is guide to add ram and storage to HYSTOU barebone computer:


Here is FMP07-i3-4010U picture guide, others can refer to this guide directly:

HYSTOU mini pc model FMP07 only palm sized little computer case, 125*133*38MM only, but the motherboard already build in intel core i3-4010U CPU, GPU is HD4400 support ultra HD 4K resolution. Fanless design, almost no maintaince, very popular now.
Many people want to use their exist low power memory and ssd from their old laptop, so would like to buy barebone mini pc only, now let’s show step by step how to assemble this fanless mini pc to a full computer.
First, when you receive the mini pc, check the package and its components.

Now make all the memory, storage ready, if you didn’t buy wifi version you should also make wifi ready if you need to use wifi function.
Step 1. Open the mini pc by screwing out the four screws at the back case of the mini pc, after remove the back case you will see the inside motherboard, there are one memory slot (for low power DDR3L laptop memory only), one mSATA SSD slot, one half height mini pcie slot, one SATA port.

Step 2. Plug in the memory, make sure plugin correctly, otherwise it may not recognisable. mSATA SSD and wifi module is same plugged in, then use the small screw to fix mSATA SSD and wifi module.

Step 3. Install wifi antenna(Inner), normally we sell the mini pc with wifi already, so most buyers no need to do this step. If you want to change it you can follow the step here. Screwing out the two screws beside the two antenna holes, remove the panel case, and then put the antenna out from the two holes.

Step 4. Put the panel back and fix it onto the mini pc case by screwing the tw screws we removed in last steps.

 Step 5. Fix the two inner antennas by screwing the outter screws.

Step 6. If you need to install one more HDD, go this step; if you use the SSD storage only, you can ignore this step.
In this step, the 2.5 inch HDD should be fixed onto the back case.

Plug the SATA data cable and power cable onto the motherboard’s sata port.

Connect the other side of the cable to the HDD

Slide the HDD to the place on the back panel and match the screw holes, then screw the HDD tightly.

Step 7. Fix the back Panel to the case and finish the work.

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