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Linux Thin Client FL200 Mini PC HDMI Cloud Compuers Dual Core 1G CPU 512M Flash RDP 7.1
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Item ID #TC0504
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List Price: $65.00€58.50£55.90AU$87.75CA$87.75S$94.25¥8775.00HK$585.00฿2145.00NT$1950.00
Sale Now: $59.17€53.25£50.89AU$79.88CA$79.88S$85.80¥7987.95HK$532.53฿1952.61NT$1775.10
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit) Discount
100 $58.00€52.20£49.88AU$78.30CA$78.30S$84.10¥7830.00HK$522.00฿1914.00NT$1740.00 $1.17€1.05£1.01AU$1.58CA$1.58S$1.70¥157.95HK$10.53฿38.61NT$35.10
200 $56.00€50.40£48.16AU$75.60CA$75.60S$81.20¥7560.00HK$504.00฿1848.00NT$1680.00 $3.17€2.85£2.73AU$4.28CA$4.28S$4.60¥427.95HK$28.53฿104.61NT$95.10
300 $54.00€48.60£46.44AU$72.90CA$72.90S$78.30¥7290.00HK$486.00฿1782.00NT$1620.00 $5.17€4.65£4.45AU$6.98CA$6.98S$7.50¥697.95HK$46.53฿170.61NT$155.10
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List Price:
Item Name: Mini Linux Thin Client PC Station HDMI rj45 Cloud Compuers Dual Core 1G CPU 512M Flash RDP 7.1
Case Material: Brushed Aluminum Alloy; get plastic case ID #TC0501      Size: 113*113*24MM;      NW: 154g;      GW: 0.5kg
Package Content: 1 pc thin client main box; 1 pc power adapter; 1 pc bracket; 1 pc software CD; 1 pc user manual
Warranty: 30 days free defective replacement and 1 year free repair.


Thin Client FL200 is mini pc which can work alone as normal desktop computer, and also it is thin client that let users sharing information from server ed.It support max HD resolution 1920*1080. With its fast speed in MS office or graphics program, FL200 is one of the greenest computer for education,enterprise,government etc. 

Main advantage:
Efficiently share one PC with unlimited users
Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
Smart design help saving space
Energy-efficient (under 7.5 watts per user) 
For office software, such as browsing webpage, MS software, the operating speed is very fast and stable as host PC.
RDP 7.1, 32bit color depth(WIN 7/2008), support 24bit color depth on Win XP OS.
Support WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/LINUX etc
Multi-language selection (System user interface) : Chinese,English,French,Japanese,Thai,Portuguese etc.

How it works:
1. work alone as mini desktop computer, only need connecting to monitor, keyboard and mouse to make a full computing system:

2. Work as thin client and build multi-user computing system, share all resources from Server or Host PC, let one pernonal computer share with unlimited end users. Support HD graphics after connecting to server, resolution up to 1080p.

Framework: ARM-A9
Processor: Dual Core 1GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics Chips: Graphics Card Type MALI400 1080P
OS: Embedded linux 3.0 kernel
Video: VGA resolution 800*600/1024*768/1366*768/1440*900/1280*1024
            HDMI resoltion: 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
USB port: 3*USB2.0 port
Upgrade: Firmware Update
Physical Dimensions: 113*113*24MM
Weight: 154
Power supply: Power supply
Energy consumption: Static Power less than 5W,Maximum Power less than 7.5W
Protocol: RDP 7.1
External port:  Speaker out and Mic in, HDMI, VGA, USB*3,RJ45, Power supply port, Switch port
Working Temperature: -20 to 50 degree Celsius

Main Application field:
Schools: building multimedia teaching system at lowest cost;
Bank counter and other similar service end;
Home: computer for children, share one computer with whole family users same time;
Office: this mini pc can apply to most office works, except developers who require very powerful computing support, all others can just use FL200 thin client;
Conference room: build e-conference room at lowest cost and perfect performance;
Retail shops: install cashier system and connect to cash box, label printer, barcode scanner and others;
Internet cafe: build high-grade internet cafe at cheapest investment.
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